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Trinity Debt Management Services

Debt Management Program

If you qualify as a member of our Debt Management Program, Trinity will make arrangements to pay back your creditors in full. We work with unsecured debt to establish one regular monthly payment to pay balances down. Here’s how it works:
  • Debts are combined into one convenient monthly payment.
  • Interest rates are lowered.
  • Collection calls as well as late and over-the-limit fees are eliminated.
  • Debts are paid in full within 3-5 years.

One Simple Monthly Payment

One great benefit of the DMP is consolidating multiple monthly payments into one. Your one monthly payment to Trinity is normally dramatically lower than the sum of the individual payments you were previously making. After joining the DMP, creditors will close your accounts and restrict any future charges.

Reduce Interest Rates and Fees

A second feature of a DMP is the reduction of interest rates charged by creditors. Credit card accounts are often being charged an interest rate of up to 30%. When joining the DMP, credit card issuers will often lower their interest rates to between 5 and 10 percent. This reduction allows you to pay off large amounts of unsecured debt within 3-5 years.

Get a Fresh Start

After you make a series of on-time payments through the debt management program, you may be able to bring your accounts current. Often called “re-aging”, the creditor allows you a fresh start. Re-aging does not eliminate prior delinquencies, but it does give you the opportunity to begin building a positive payment history.
If Your Debt Has You Down, We Should Talk

Call Us at 1-800-793-9049

As you face the challenges of paying down excessive debt, you’ll be making difficult decisions. Before you decide which approach is best, talk to Trinity. We’ll assist you during this difficult time. We’re ready to do a complete analysis of your financial situation and formulate a strategy that best suits your needs. Remember, the choice you make today will affect your credit history now and in the future.