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Free eBooks from Trinity

Trinity Debt Management is pleased to offer you these free books to help you understand the possibility and benefit of living your life free from debt. These books are provided free for download, or you may receive a hard copy by mail by calling us at 1-800-793-9049.

Getting a Head Start

The Do It Yourself Guide to Financial Success

The purpose of this book is simply to help you build a better life. In this book, we help you learn the what and how of managing your finances, but we do not lose site of the why. For it is the promise of providing security for our loved ones that matters most. Success is less about making money than it is about developing oneself into a person who is valuable to others.

Getting a Head Start

Getting a Head Start

The purpose of this book is to teach you not only what you need to know, but most importantly why you need to know it. After all, there’s a reason for everything, including money. Earning, spending wisely, saving and planning for the future are important skills that you will need as you grow older. So read on and give yourself a head start, because you’re never too young to learn money management skills.

Getting a Head Start

It's Not What You Make, It's How You Spend: Money Management Made Easy

Anyone who dreams of taking control of their finances will benefit from this highly readable 22 page “How To” book on the basics of proper money management. It’s definitely a “Must Read” and should be shared. Click the links below to download the Free Book in three parts.

Getting a Head Start

God's Money: A Lesson in Stewardship

The Bible explains WHICH God-given resourses shall be managed through stewardship and WHY. This informative easy-to-follow book shows you HOW.

Getting a Head Start

Know Before You Owe

A Practical Guide to the Dos and Don’ts of Student Loans

Getting a Head Start

Your Financial Puzzle

Putting it All Together

If Your Debt Has You Down, We Should Talk

Call us at 1-800-793-9049

As you face the difficult challenge of paying down excessive debt, you will be making many important decisions. Before you determine which approach is best, talk to Trinity first. The Trinity team can assist you during this difficult time. We’re ready to do a complete analysis of your financial situation and formulate a strategy that best suits your needs. Remember, the choice you make today will affect your credit rating now and in the future.