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Our Leadership Team

Our staff is led by a team of financial professionals from a variety of backgrounds

Gary Vosick


Gary Vosick is a 1972 graduate of the University of Akron with a degree in accounting. After graduation, he worked as an accountant for various CPA firms until forming his own practice in 1986. In 1994 Gary served on the Trinity Board before becoming Trinity’s President in 1997.

As president, Gary oversees all operations of Trinity Credit Counseling, Inc. He manages the organization’s financials, advertising, personnel, business development and education. Gary, along with the Board of Directors, reviews and approves all company policies and procedures.

Trinity was founded on the simple idea of helping people manage their money by counseling them about income and expense tracking as well as budget planning. Through the years, Gary has stayed true to this mission and enhanced it by developing a program that helps clients consolidate their debt, eliminate penalties and reduce interest rates. Trinity’s commitment to financial education expands even further by offering Community Outreach Programs as well as educating high schoolers in fulfillment of their Financial Literacy Graduation Requirements.

Gary has written several books: The Do It Yourself Guide To Financial Success, It’s Not What You Make It’s How You Spend, God’s Money and Getting A Head $tart. Gary’s pursuit of financial knowledge makes him continuously provide the most up to date services and allows Trinity to offer the best resources and education to meet our client’s financial needs.

Jade Durham


Jade Durham is a 2005 Lee University Communication and History graduate who began working at Trinity Debt Management that same year. She started by overseeing state and federal compliance for the company. Over the years, Jade’s responsibilities have progressed from overseeing the counseling and customer service departments to directing all operations at Trinity. In December 2015, she was elected Vice President of the agency.

Jade is a certified Personal Finance Counselor through the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors and the Center for Financial Certifications. She is a trusted voice in counseling people to take control of their money by learning the best way to manage it and stay out of debt. Jade continues to run and grow Trinity by helping thousands of people become debt free. Jade’s daily work partners are her golden retrievers, Lila and George.

Todd Moore


Todd Moore serves as Director of Education for Trinity Debt Management. He works to improve individual and family personal finances through counseling and education, and serves as an instructor to provide budgeting and credit education to clients struggling with debt. He researched and wrote two youth financial education programs to help improve financial literacy for Cincinnati inner-city youth. He worked with the Ohio Treasurer’s Office to promote financial education throughout Ohio and served as an instructor to the Ohio Smart Money Choices Conferences. In addition, he works to build partnerships with business, nonprofits, and governmental organizations to help improve individuals’ understanding of personal finance. He holds credit counseling and housing counseling certifications through the Center for Financial Certifications. Also, he brings an academic background in public policy studies and research methods to the Trinity staff. He holds undergraduate degrees in History and Public Administration from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Master’s Degree from University of Akron’s, Masters of Applied Politics Program, political science honors from Miami and Akron universities and has published in the Akron Law Review concerning Ohio Supreme Court Campaign Finance.

Steve Muterspaw


As Director of Outreach for Trinity Debt Management, Steve Muterspaw builds partnerships with businesses and non-profits such as credit unions. A graduate of Taylor University, Steve has extensive experience developing financial education programs, marketing, and providing counsel to members and employees of more than 100 partner organizations. With a background in business and education, Steve specializes in building and maintaining meaningful relationships.

As an expert in personal and family finances, Steve’s background as a small business owner and educator blend well to assist any organization interested in providing financial education for their clients and employees. Steve and his wife enjoy their free time on their farm visiting with their 14 grandchildren.

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Whether we’re helping people pay off their unsecured debt or offering assistance to those behind in their mortgage payments, Trinity has the knowledge and resources to make a difference.  Our intention is to help people become debt-free, and most importantly, remain debt-free for keeps!