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Trinity Debt Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Trinity Debt Management Program? The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below can help address many of the common quetions we get from new clients.

The longer you wait to get help with your credit, the more serious your credit problems become. So don’t hesitate. Let us help you resolve your credit problems, quickly and confidentially. You’ll be glad you did. After all, what you really need is to be free of the burden of credit card debt and high interest loans. Remember, a trained Trinity Counselor is available to provide the expert assistance you need. We look forward to helping you become debt free -- for keeps!

Actually, most people really do want to pay off their debt. So we’ve made a commitment to do our best to help free people from a lifetime of financial burden. People like you. Together, we will work with you and your creditors to reduce, even eliminate credit card interest and late fees. It’s a fast and effective form of debt management that brings you and your family relief from the burden of credit card debt. Your participation in our debt management program will restore hope, while teaching you to be a wiser steward of your financial resources. In the end, you’ll get the credit help that you need to get back on track financially.

Did you know that by making only the minimum credit card payments on a $10,000 credit card balance, at 18-22% percent interest, it would take you more than 33 years and $26,000 to pay off the credit card? Few people can afford that. Imagine combining all of your monthly credit card bills into one single, manageable payment and reducing your interest by as much as 60 percent. Plus, you’ll learn to live on a budget while you gain the pride that comes from knowing you have a practical, long-term debt management strategy to improve your credit rating.

In most cases, enrollment in our Debt Management Program will have a positive affect on your credit rating and/or credit score. With only three to four months of consistent, on-time payments to Trinity, our Debt Management Program will help bring your account to “current” status and start improving your credit rating. Following just 12 months with a positive payment record, you’ll see dramatic increases in your credit score and you may even qualify for a loan to purchase your first home. Remember, there are three separate agencies reporting on your credit history, and mistakes occur frequently. It’s important to review your credit profiles at least once per year to make sure there are no errors.  Information from all three reporting agencies can be obtained at

In short, don’t consolidate your credit card debts. Debt consolidation loans are always very costly in the long run. Plus, lenders may require that you borrow against your car or home, which puts your most valuable personal assets at risk. In contrast, the Trinity DMP ensures that you pay less credit card interest, get out of debt faster, and never put your personal assets at risk.

Debt Management Program membership does not prevent you from purchasing a car or home. When you apply for a loan, the lender considers more than just your credit score. Much of the lending process is subjective. If a lender sees that you are enrolled in a Debt Management Program, they may view you as too risky to merit a loan and yet others may see that you are taking responsibility for you actions and deem you to be an acceptable risk. When you graduate from a Debt Management Program, any notation about credit counseling should be removed from your credit report.

The purpose of a Debt Management Program is to help you re-establish your credit history by making it easier for you to pay down your debt and help you eliminate your debt faster. Clients on our program have experienced Credit Score increases of as high as 200 points.  Remember, this doesn’t happen over night, but with consistent monthly payments, you will see improvements in your credit file.

Absolutely! You can always increase your monthly payment. The more you pay, the faster your accounts will be paid off. Just let us know you want to increase your payments we’ll take care of the rest.

That’s your decision. However we recommend that you do so if you are able. There is a brief negotiation period of approximately 30 days after your first payment is received. During this time, arrangements for future payments with creditors will be made. If you miss due dates for accounts during the negotiation period, you are at risk of penalties and negative information reported to the credit bureau.

It takes time for your creditor’s collections department to find out you’re enrolled in a Debt Management Program. If you get a call, inform the party to call our Customer Service Line to confirm your participation in our program at (800) 793-9049.

Because Trinity is a nonprofit organization, most services are offered free of charge. For clients that enroll in the debt management program, there is a monthly fee built into the total monthly payment. This fee amount is based on the amount of debt that you have, the payment amount to your creditors and the state that you live in. The fee can be anywhere from $8-$50 per month. The average monthly fee is $34.

If Your Debt Has You Down, We Should Talk

Call Us at 1-800-793-9049

As you face the challenges of paying down excessive debt, you’ll be making difficult decisions. Before you decide which approach is best, talk to Trinity. We’ll assist you during this difficult time. We’re ready to do a complete analysis of your financial situation and formulate a strategy that best suits your needs. Remember, the choice you make today will affect your credit history now and in the future.