A Few Facts About Trinity

Helping people meet the challenges of effective personal money management has been the hallmark of our organization since 1994.     During that time, we have worked with thousands in ways that extend far beyond our Debt Management Program. From community outreach and educational programs to expert counseling and self-help materials, we are proud of our service to individuals and families across the nation. CLICK HERE to learn more about our program.

As a non-profit agency, Trinity provides counseling and debt management services for individuals and families who are experiencing debt problems.  Working with creditors on a client’s behalf, Trinity negotiates significant reductions in interest and late fees, while consolidating bills into one, manageable monthly payment.  Participants in the Trinity program can become debt-free in just 3-5 years.  Why choose Trinity? CLICK HERE

Whether we’re helping people pay off their credit card bills and other unsecured debt, or offering assistance to those who are behind in their mortgage payments, Trinity has the knowledge and resources required to make a difference.  Some of our clients are shown alternatives to auto financing, or given help in re-structuring student loans.  Others receive expert advice on debt consolidation and bankruptcy issues.  Whatever the form of debt, our agency and its affiliates are here to help. CLICK HERE for information about the Trinity Team.

We also provide educational seminars, an instructional video and a free book entitled Money Management Made Easy. All of which are intended to help people become debt-free, and most importantly, remain debt-free.