Why Choose Trinity Debt Management & Counseling?

Why Choose Trinity?

Our spiritual wellbeing is often hampered by overwhelming earthly concerns, such as too many bills and angry creditors.  Indebtedness can affect everything from personal relationships to physical and emotional health.  It’s an endless cycle of making, spending and owing money.

As a non-profit agency, Trinity provides counseling and debt management services for individuals and families who are experiencing debt problems. Whatever the form of debt, our agency is here to help.

Take Control of Your Spending

Imagine controlling your money instead of having it control you.  It may sound difficult, but with our assistance, a time will come when every penny you earn is under your capable control.  You can do it and we can help.

Learn Money Management

Remember, Trinity is not a “quick fix.”  Once you’re on your way, you’ll have a personal obligation to improve your money management skills.  That’s why educating you and your family is the most important part of what we do.

Plan a Monthly Budget

In our FREE book, Money Management Made Easy, we make the point that “It’s not what you make, it’s how you spend. ” Regardless of your income, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve by simply planning and meeting a monthly budget.

How Our Program Works

As you face the difficult challenge of paying down excessive debt, you may be wondering how the whole process will work. Here’s a step-by-step preview of our debt management program.


Getting started in our program is easy. You can fill out our Get Help Now form. After completing the short form, a credit counselor will contact you within 24 hours on how to become debt free for keeps. Another option is to complete the application online. Once you complete the online application, one of our certified counselors will review the information and contact you with a solution.


Armed with the information you provide, the Trinity Team will do a complete analysis of your financial situation and formulate a payment plan that suits your needs.


Get One Manageable Monthly Payment

Imagine combining all of your monthly bills into a single, manageable payment. We can consolidate any of your unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical and personal loans. We’ll even personalize your budget to make it easy for you to pay off your debt. And it gets even better.

Become Debt Free In Just 3-5 Years

Did you know that by making only minimum monthly payments on a $20,000 credit card balance, at 18-21% interest, it would take you more than 33 years and $47,000 to pay it off? As a member of the Trinity Debt Management Program, you can pay off the same amount in approximately four years for less than $4,000 in interest.

We’ll Work Closely With Your Creditors

We help free people, like you, from a lifetime of mounting debt. The Trinity team will work with you and your creditors to reduce interest and eliminate late fees by as much as 60 percent. We can help stop the constant phone calls and give you peace of mind. You will no longer be afraid to answer the phone.

Save Thousands In Interest

As a member of the Trinity Debt Management Program, you’ll start saving on interest (as much as 60 percent) and late fees right away. Just fill out our online application and we’ll get to work. Meanwhile, you’ll learn to plan and meet a monthly budget, which saves you even more.


Your most important membership reward will be found in how much you learn. By teaching you basic money management skills, you’ll gain control over your spending and have more money left over each month to pay down your debt. You’ll even start saving for the future. And best of all, once you’ve completed our program and have worked your way out of debt, you’ll know what it takes to stay that way.

It’s Up To You

We’re as near as your phone. So let’s get busy. You can:

Remember, if your debt has you down, we should talk. Call now!

Debt Consolidation is not a loan for which you must qualify. It’s simply a way out of debt.