Thanks to the Trinity team, there are a lot of happy former members out there.  Here are just a few words from the people we’ve helped over the years…

“For approximately one year and ten months, Trinity Debt Management has been helping me with my credit situation.  With their help I have been able to save a large amount of money in interest payments that I had been making.  Because of Trinity Debt Management I am almost out of debt, and I am restoring my credit.  Thank you Trinity!”
- Judith W.
Detroit, MI

“My husband and I came to you several years ago in a state of great stress.  We had made some bad choices along with ending up in a “short-sale” of our house and the result was a great deal of credit card debt.  It was affecting our marriage and we were really at a crucial point in our lives.  If the stress would have continued our marriage would have greatly suffered.  I feel that God led us to you to assist with this issue.  You have taught us a great deal about how credit card debt affects us as people.  Your program is so helpful!  Everyone in your company has always treated us in a Christian manner.  When we entered in your program we feared it would ruin or credit but in reality we have a higher credit score now than before we came to the program.  Again, Thank You so much, we cannot tell you how grateful we are to have people like you who reach out in people’s time of need.  God Bless you all!”
- Mary O
Flanagan, IL

“Thank you for all your help through my financial mess.  It sure took a lot of stress away, not to mention the harassing phone calls from creditors.”
- Dorothy

Orange County, CA

“I am sending in my last payment and I want to thank everyone that was involved in helping me get my life back.  This is an awesome feeling!  When I originally spoke with you counselor, she made me feel as if the program was something I could accomplish and I did.  She was very encouraging and something that I so desperately needed at the time.  I want to thank the customer service reps also as they always were there to answer all my questions and offer encouragement over the two and a half years.  Thank you and you are all awesome and I wish you all the best in life.”
- Kathy F.

Mason, OH